"Better Bitters"  (Mini Tincture Sampler - 3 bottles)

"Better Bitters" (Mini Tincture Sampler - 3 bottles)

Grey Jade Herbals
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Our vision is to infuse delicious herbal medicine into every day beverages and products.

Not sure which bottle to get? This mini sampler pack comes with our two most popular tinctures - Ginger Root and Lavender Flower - plus your pick of a third.

Each of our tinctures are selected for both taste and function. Add medicine and nuance to your cocktails with our Better Bitters collection at an affordable price!


Your mini sampler will contain:

Ginger: A tasty and spicy anti-nausea and circulatory remedy, extracted in gin
Lavender: A floral mood booster and relaxer, extracted in vodka

And your pick of one of the following:

Schisandra Berry: A complex berry adaptogen (stress manager), extracted in vodka. Schisandra is renowned for its balanced flavour profile, simultaneously being sweet, tart, salty, spicy, and bitter. 
Rose Flower: A floral antioxidant and heart/mood support, extracted in vodka
Rosemary: An elegant tasting cognitive nootropic and memory booster, extracted in gin

Unlike traditional bitters, there is no sugar and no bittering agent, nor are there any other herbs. Because our tinctures are single herb, we don't dilute the potency of the medicine or the flavour. While traditional bitters do aid in digestion, our tinctures focus on the medicinal aspect of our herbs on the body as a whole.

All bottles are 30ml.


Don't want Ginger or Lavender in your sampler? Let us know and we will personalize your mini sampler pack (subject to availability)