Ginger Root Tincture

Ginger Root Tincture

Grey Jade Herbals
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This one is as spicy as it is good!

Ginger root is not only delicious; it's great for aiding digestion, fighting nausea and improving circulation! It's our most popular tincture by taste, and for good reason!

What's extra special about our Ginger tincture is that it's extracted in gin instead of the usual vodka; this gives it a delectable hint of juniper berry underneath that gingery spice!

We also extract both fresh and dried root in the same tincture to get a full spectrum of botanicals and flavours.

While you can add it to anything, or take it under the tongue, our hot tip is to a couple full dropper squeezes to sparkling water - we find it tastes like ginger ale beer without all the sugar.

Our vision is to infuse herbal medicine into every day beverages and products. We make traditional tinctures, but also market them as cocktail bitters so people know they can spice up their drinks with this tasty medicine. 

Each of our tinctures are selected for both flavour and function. Add both medicine and nuance to your cocktails or other drinks with our Better Bitters tinctures!

Unlike traditional bitters, there is no sugar and no bittering agent, nor are there any other herbs. Because our tinctures are pure single herb tinctures, we don't dilute the potency of the medicine or the flavour. That's what makes them Better Bitters!


Ingredients: Ginger (fresh and dried), Gin (ethanol, water). 30ml.

50ml bottles coming soon!